Links (Artwork featured on these websites)

To view a short video of Washing the Wall Street Bull Performance Art, visit Click Here
To view a short video of the MichaelCANgelo: Soup to Art! project Click Here
To purchase printed catalogs of Beth's artwork, visit
To view a film about Our Mother Mary Found, visit
[The Contemporary Jewish Museum]
[The Minneapolis Institute of Arts]
[City of Brisbane Blog]
[The Bureau of Atmospheric Anecdata]
[Envision Church]
[California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA]
[National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA]
[Creative Eco-Catalysts]
[The Art of Engagement]
[The Artist's Magazine Blog]
[My Jewish Learning]
[The Sabes Jewish Community Center, Minneapolis]
[The United Nations Cultural and Educational Event, World Environment Week]
[Project Kesher, Evanston IL]
[WEAD Women's Environmental Artists Directory]