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Home in a Suitcase

A series of vintage suitcases serves as a symbolic meditation on the lives of three generations of women. One suitcase is painted with the objects Bella might have brought with her when she arrived in the United States. These domestic articles and Jewish ritual objects represent the hope of finding a permanent place to build a Jewish home and community. Two more suitcases depict the homes of Bella's daughter and granddaughter. Together, the three works explore the idea of "home," imagined as a temporary location. To the artist, "this suitcase series symbolizes the historical baggage that remains packed until Jews no longer feel the threat of displacement."

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Home in a Suitcase 1
© Beth Grossman 1993
Acrylic on cloth and leather
h46" x w36" x d14"
Home in a Suitcase 2
© Beth Grossman 1995
Acrylic on cloth and wood
h45" x w32" x d13"
Home in a Suitcase 3
© Beth Grossman 1998
Acrylic on cloth and vinyl
h47" x w36" x d16"