She Who Dwells Within
© Beth Grossman 2005
16"h x 4"w x 4"d
Polish wooden ladles, gold pencil, spices

These hands carved of Polish wooden ladles hold special memories of Shabbat dinners prepared by Grossman’s Polish grandmother. The spices in this besamin (spice box) instantly evoke nostalgia for her Grandma Bertha’s Shabbat dinners with cinnamon carrot ring, roasted chicken and matzoh ball soup. The spice box is used during the Havdallah service at the close of the Sabbath. Havdallah simply means 'separation', the separation of the Sabbath from the rest of the week. The spice box is passed around for all to enjoy the scent and take the sweetness of the Sabbath into the week.

“Blessed are You, Creator of the Universe, who creates a variety of spices.”