Seder Plate

We were once slaves in Egypt is composed of six leather suitcases -- one for each symbol of the Seder plate -- on a revolving wooden turntable. The inscribed turntable records the spiral of exoduses throughout history and today. The suitcase symbolizes the historical baggage that holds both memories of our Exodus and hopes for a better future. Into each suitcase on the Seder plate, I have tucked a piece of matzah lettered with a word representing some of the essentials we truly need to carry with us -- intelligence, memories, courage, relationships, fertility and faith.

As we tell the Passover story year after year, we remember our ancestors and relate the story of Exodus to our personal lives. Passover is the time to renew our commitment to break the cycles of oppression worldwide.

We were once slaves in Egypt
© 2008 Beth Grossman
Wood burning on wooden turntable, leather, matzah
7” height x 18.5” diameter