Georges' Dunce Cap

This dunce cap was created for former President Bush In 1991. Evidently, his son needs to learn the same lessons in 2003.

"I promise to share my sandwich with kids who have no lunch."
"I promise to listen when girls are talking."
"I promise not to throw paper airplanes or spit balls in class."
"I will not make fun of kids who are different than me."
"I promise to ask everyone to be on my team."
"I promise to shake hands with the opposing team when they win."
"I will not pass secret notes."
"I will not steal other kids' lunch money."
"I will not waste food in the lunchroom."
"I will not hog all the good seats in class."
"I will not beat up smaller kids so I can fee better about myself."
"I will not compare the size of other boys' penises in the lavatory."
"I will not tease the girls or put them down."
"I will not make other kids take the blame for my mistakes."
"I promise to tell the truth, even when it gets me in trouble."

Georges' Dunce Cap,
© Beth Grossman 1991
h55" x w13" x d13"
Papier maché