Pillow Talk
Artwork © Beth Grossman 2004
Poem by Octavio Paz
18" x 28" x 7" each
Fabric paint on cloth

Poem by Octavio Paz

...the two took off their clothes and kissed
because two bodies, naked and entwined,
leap over time, they are invulnerable.,
nothing can touch them, they return to the source,
there is no you, no I, no tomorrow,
no yesterday, no names, the truth of two
in a single body, a single soul,
oh total being...

...los dos se desnudaron y besaron
porque las desnudeces enlazadas
saltan el tiempo y son invulnerables,
nada las toca, vuelven al principio,
no hay tú ni yo, manana, ayer ni nombres,
verdad de dos en solo un cuerpa y alma,
oh ser total...

© Octavio Paz